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Data Science to protect you in times of crisis

Let the Pangolin shield you

Ariana Tech provides a bespoke application (Android and iOS) which enables low intrusion proximity sensing without requiring any geolocation.

In times of epidemics (exceptional cases, such as COVID-19, but also regular seasonal or common diseases), our app provides users and their families with personalized real-time risk scores based on their behaviors, habits or surroundings. It also warns and assists anyone who was in contact with a verified infected person or experiences health troubles.

This enables:

  • Risk awareness and customized assistance to the public 

  • Efficient management of potentially infected patients

  • Efficient targeting and optimization of testing campaign 

  • Detection of “super spreaders” 

  • Reduced workload of front line medical professionals

  • Avoidance of unnecessary confinement

  • Reduced impact on your well-being and psychological health

  • Acquisition of data to prevent future outbreaks

  • Protection of privacy of the patients. You can use the app completely anonymously and you explicitly state what data we can collect for analytical purposes.

The app uses patented technology which does not collect any geographical information or any other personal information but permits to quantify proximity and contact density for any individual user.

Powered by reliable, safe and secure servers based in Luxembourg.


Technology You Can Trust

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Providing an Adaptive Service

Risk Awareness, Self-Monitoring and Community Support
A flexible platform

Ariana Tech provides customized services based on our flagship smartphone app. Our app is a modular system which can rapidly accommodate new needs from users or authorities to prevent and mitigate crisis situations, such as epidemics or natural disasters (wildfires, earthquakes etc.).

Current features include Bluetooth low-energy direct contact tracing, geolocation, interactive surveys, direct communication channels with authoritative sources, remote health screening, and more. 

Tailored, Reactive 
User Support

Our main goal is for users to be fully informed about health risks to them and their loved ones. Our app gathers data from authoritative sources as well as users themselves, and uses state-of-the-art Data Science analysis to obtain an accurate picture of an unfolding situation.

Interactive communication through the app allows the user to be in touch with our team and health authorities.

Top Confidentiality

Ariana Tech was founded by public university professors. We inherently care about privacy and our company follows best academic practice to be as non-invasive and anonymous as possible. Ariana Tech protects both your personal information and your physical safety.


Plus, our infrastructures are local, so the data you choose to share will not feed foreign spying services or advertisement bots across the globe.

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Ariana Tech is the Official Partner of PEPP-PT for Luxembourg 
Supporter of the DP3T - Decentralized Tracing Implementation
Compatible with
Google-Apple API

The Advantages Our System Has to Offer

Check out our COVID-19 app!

Our app accompanies you wherever you go. However, unlike other intrusive apps deployed abroad, by default Ariana Tech does not collect any location data. Instead, it uses low-energy Bluetooth to keep track of who crosses your path and might pose a risk to your health and safety. Again, no location data is used for this purpose! 

Furthermore, all our services are anonymized by default! Each user is free to provide us with his identity, in which case we use this information only to provide relevant information and customized health support and, upon request, fast-track care by national health services.

Feeling unwell? We can help!

Customers feeling unwell and afraid of being infected by a virus (COVID-19 or others) can get help from the app to self-diagnose. In case of further concerns or worsening symptoms, contact with health professionals and authorities can be sought through Ariana.

We wish to keep society informed and safe.

Our goal is to keep you informed with the most recent, accurate information. In times of crisis, information is key to staying safe. Yet, misinformation by incompetent media and hearsay are regrettably extremely common. Our international team of experienced academic researchers stands ready to analyze the evolution of threats on your behalf and provide you with information most relevant to your precise situation.


We keep in direct contact with authorities. Our team has been part of national taskforces dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


With Ariana Tech on your side, you will act in your and society's best interest!

From Public Researchers and High-Tech Specialists

Who we are and why you can trust us

Ariana Tech takes its roots in the academia, with founding members among high-profile public researchers and Information Technology specialists with extensive international experience. We have worked in various disciplines among which Engineering, Ecology, Sociology, and Public Health, and thus have a broad approach to crisis management. Furthermore, Ariana has continuous presence at the heart of Europe (Luxembourg) and East-Asia (Japan) giving us a diverse outlook at ongoing crises. Our lifelong professional dedication to public service forges our state of mind, which differs greatly from the market-based approach that characterizes our competitors.


What Experts Say about our Solution

Ariana is your way out of crises

"Technology platforms could potentially tip the balance in containing a pandemic, and save between thousands and millions of lives"

"We come to the conclusion that the epidemic can be stopped if contact tracing is sufficiently fast, sufficiently efficient and happens at scale. We suggest that the best way to achieve this is by using a mobile app."

"[...] mass tracking [...] using smartphone location data would represent a clear violation"

Unlike competitors, Ariana Tech's app does not require geolocation data!

Open letter from technologists, epidemiologists & medical professionals

University of Oxford



Get in Touch

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Luxembourg office : +352 691 680 509

Japan office : +81 (0)90 8530 7782

Thank you for contacting us!

We will provide a reply within 24h.

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